Joshua Browning

Kansas City, Missouri

About Me

Video and Audio Professional

Hey! Bulldog Soundlabs is my personal recording studio. Just outside Kansas City, the studio is located in a 3000 sq. ft. rural church. Built around the turn of the century, the church offers great acoustics and certainly a unique recording experience.

The studio does not operate as a standard commercial studio. Hey! Bulldog was built with the purpose of providing an environment for personal collaboration between myself and similarly minded bands. A note to outside engineers: The studio is exclusively for projects where I work as the producer and engineer. It’s especially geared toward those working with restrictive budgets who are looking to create something a bit grander.

Hey! Bulldog is not for every project. Please do not be offended if I suggest we do your record somewhere else. Bigger studios, such as the amazing Black Lodge Recording, where i am staff, are a better fit for the purpose and scope of many records.

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