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The Origin
3B Entertainment:"Movies From and For the Imagination". The three siblings at the heart of the company believe very strongly in the spirit and raw energy of independent film. Our goal is to create the very best scripted content for features, shorts, and commercials. 3B Entertainment began under the name “Cheezy Productions” in February of 1986, when Dan and Josh began shooting short comedy and horror video clips with their friends. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, these clips, sketches, and other projects filled dozens of VHS and other video tapes, but reached only a limited audience, which was not enough for the 3B's

2004-2008: Revenge and The Wait
In 2004, 3B Entertainment Studios was formalized and their first project, produced and directed by Josh Brown: REVENGE was a feature length fan film based on the long-running, popular horror series, Friday the 13th. 'Revenge' enjoyed a limited internet release, and was loved by fans all over the world. 'Revenge' was well received by the community as it was very true to the Friday Series origins. 'Revenge' was closely followed by 'The Wait' an epic zombie film which began shooting in the late Summer of 2005. 'The Wait' was an extremely ambitious project with a very low budget which after three years of shooting, numerous cast changes, and technical problems was ultimately shelved in mid 2008; but not forgotten.

2009-2010: Haunted 3B
In 2009-2010, 3B branched out in the form of operating a pair of live haunted attractions. 2009's 'A Journey Through Madness' earned critical praise for its sets and creative scares and raising a sizable food donation for a local food pantry. 3B returned with another live attraction in 2010, named 'Nightmareland', which was a much larger and more complex haunted attraction that brought more great reviews.

2010-2011: Cheezy Productions: Jiggery Pokery
Beginning in November 2010, 3B began to organize a new project, which would be cut primarily from their mountain of aforementioned video shorts dating back to the very beginning in 1986. The project became known as Cheezy Productions: 'Jiggery Pokery'; named after the original production company. Jiggery included much of the footage shot with Dan, Josh, and Kate, along with long time shooting partners Ed Post and Dave Johnston, Ted Kunz and many others. The team scanned through the many hours of old video footage to compile portions of the project. 'Jiggery Pokery' also used new footage to bridge with the older video, and shooting of the new material was shot from Fall 2010 to February 2011. Adding to the new footage, were some wonderful new folks: Matt & Michael Curtis, Allie Yungclas, and Cheeko Camel. The movie was completed in March of 2011, and screened for family and friends only in April and again in July.

2011-2012: Right In the Cloaca!
The 3B production team began work on a new project in 2011 that would become 'Right In the Cloaca!'. Principal photography began in the Summer and Fall of 2011 with additional material captured in the spring of 2012. The film is 3B's first commercial project. Some new long time members of the team were found during the film: Daniel Berte (who also plays R.T. in The Wait/EFTD) and Lewayne L. White (also playing a zombie and Clyde in EFTD ), and a number of other wonderful folks. 'Right In the Cloaca!' was screened for live audiences in August and September 2012 in Des Moines and is available commercially on DVD.

2012-2013: Escape From the Dead
In the summer of 2012; after an idea from Dan, 3B began an overhaul of 'Escape From the Dead' (the formerly titled: The Wait). With a modified story and nearly entirely new cast, both Josh and Dan felt it was a story worth dusting off and finishing. Primary photography took place in Des Moines and Madrid from October 2012 to May 2013 with additional scenes in July.

Escape From the Dead premiered on June 20th, 2013 at the Varsity Theater in Des Moines to a sold out show and a raucus audience. It was shown again for theatre audiences in July in Des Moines at the Varsity, at Crypticon Kansas City and in Madrid, Iowa in September at a block party. It was also available on multiple VOD sites and is still available on DVD (See our Store). Easily 3B's most challenging film; Escape From the Dead won multiple awards including Kansas City Crypticon's Best Feature Length Indipendent Film. It also featured some wonderful new cast members with some absolutely brilliant performances.

2013-2014: The Action Super Squad
After Escape's success in 2013, 3B began production work for their television pilot, Action Super Squad: Des Moines. Shot From November - March with a holiday break, ASS:DSM was screened for the cast on May 3rd, 2014 and is still available on VOD and still being shopped as a series pilot with two shorts shooting in January 2015. Throughout the rest of 2014, 3B Entertainment reshot sequences and cleaned up REVENGE for a Halloween re-release on the web only.

2015-2016 EFTDv2 , ASSDSM & Horrorthology
3B re-released Escape From the Dead to multiple theatres for a limited Halloween / Fall run of a re-edited and re-digitized version of our award winning zombie epic. Released in conjuction with the novel for the movie in August. Also completed were 2 Horrorthology segments including the There Are No People In the Walls and several Action Super Squad:DSM Short Shots.

2017-2018 Harvest
In the summer 2017, 3B began work on Harvest which is currently in post production. 3B has a fantastic team and looks forward to a bright future with films made in Iowa by Iowans and sometimes even about Iowa. 3B Entertainment- movies from and for the imagination!

We have been in the industry since 2010.

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