Rhoda E. Neal

Cary, North Carolina

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AKA Rhoda N. Luck
BA Film Studies, Master of Media Arts
Worked in television, feature film, commercial photography

Rhoda's photography has a distinctive style; her images are emotionally evocative yet often stark in their simplicity of composition. Years of photo editing and on-set styling have provided her with an eye and penchant for capturing body language, gestures, fleeting facial expressions to render a mood in her portraits. This is particularly seen in her shots of children.

The Polaroid Manipulations Rhoda makes are notable in the field, due to using a rare close-up lens adapter on the SX-70 camera. Some of her favorite subjects for this unique medium are floral still lifes, details of machinery parts, and other textural objects.

Comprehending and fully appreciating many mediums of art is an academic and on-the-job ability Rhoda has honed through the years. She is an award-winning photographer and writer. A gifted painter, she uses oils on wood to paint both representational and abstract artworks. Collecting elements from nature -- pebbles, sea glass and bean pods -- Rhoda crafts her artisan work.

Rhoda N. Luck lives and works in the Triangle area of North Carolina, but regularly visits St Croix, USVI. She has a daughter, Lydia Darcy, and a son, Aubrey William. Her current project is constructing BLOCK MOBILES from the one-inch cubes on which she paints.

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