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Orensis Films is a new Production Company in the Tampa Bay Area headed by Director & DP Freelancer Trishul Thejasvi. We can assist in your production at every stage, and work with any budget, and produce Commercials, Features, Documentaries, Music Videos, Shorts & Corporate. Experience shooting in Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, the Caribbean and USA. Based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Clients served include MTV, NatGeo, TNT, PetCo, Entertainment One, CNN, Fox Sports.

We have been in the industry since 2012.

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Added on 4/15/2013

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Extreme Talent is the first thing that comes to mind. Writing, Directing, Cinematography all strong characteristics of Orensis Films and Trishul Thejasvi. These are always covered when Trishul is involved in a project no matter how small or large the project. Just look at the reels, its all there!

Decent dude and talented to boot. Soon as I fly over man, we'll make some fun stuff.

Korok Chatterjee

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