Cesar Parra Herrera

Norwalk, Connecticut

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Knowledge in configuration and operation of Amek 9098i, SSL Duality 9000J, Behringer x32 and AWS 900
mixing consoles
-Experienced in set up and use of dynamic and time based external hardware including compressors, limiters,
parametric equalization systems, delays, and choruses, and reverbs
-Proficient in configuration and operation in DAW software including Pro-tools 9 and 10, and Logic Pro Studio 9
-Experienced with D-command console for sound design, dialogue editing, Foley editing, backgrounds and effects
for a trailer and the Control 24 surface for mixing
-Knowledge in Microsoft Office and Apple Power Point, Keynote, Word and Excel
-Knowledge in Final Cut Studio
Involved heavily in Pre-Production and set up for sessions
-Responsibilities include microphone placement for dialogue and cue mixes
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-Created sound effects, edited dialogue, added and mixed Foley, effects, and backgrounds in sync with the trailer
Worked in the production of a television show, including directing, editing, operating cameras, writing scripts,
scrolling teleprompter, operating switcher, and displaying titles.
-Worked in the production of a music video: Filming, directing, and editing.

I have been in the industry since 2012.

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