Clark Acton

Tucson, Arizona


About Me

I am a highly skilled craftsman with over 30 years of lead Model Making experience. I have an excellent working knowledge of many different construction styles, tools and materials including; wood, plastics, metal working, fiberglass, surface laminates, casting materials, mold making, vacuum forming, set construction, hand prop fabrication, miniature construction, radio control, designing/constructing models for pyrotechnic use, basic electronics, display prototypes, paint, light machining, welding, and animatronics using pneumatics. I am well versed with all hand and major power tools. I have a good working knowledge of foreground miniature photography and hanging miniatures. I have extensive stage/location experience. I am a fast and creative thinker while under the pressures of exceptionally tight deadlines, such as those that exist in filming.

I have been in the industry since 1986.

AI Customworks Recent Props
Added on 7/15/2020
Six custom props


Prop maker - Voice reactive "talking" props – The Happy, Happy, Sad Show

May, 2020 — August, 2020
Television – Productive Playhouse
Hired through ProductionHUB

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