About Me

I am a photographer specializing in Dynamic Youth Imagery, creative writing, and actor. My photography vibrantly captures the energy and creativity of the global youth culture. His photographs have been published in London, South Korea and the United States.

Hype Nation 3D
Still Photographer
Captured digital images of most scenes during principal photography of the feature film Hype Nation 3D for use in promotional material. Created photographs to be used as scenic properties for the movie. Edited all photographs taken using Adobe Photoshop CS5. Maintained the library of all images taken. Sent images to various press outlets as requested to do so by the producer, and kept a log of all activity related to the dissemination of these images.

Seoul Magazine
Contributing Writer/Photographer
Wrote 1,000 word articles, and captured digital images to illustrating each article. Seoul Magazine is travel and leisure magazine targeting ex-patriots living in Seoul, South Korea.

Contributing photographer
Photographing streetstyle, tattooing, skateboarding, musical festivals, and every other facet of youth culture both in the United States and Asia. Editing all photographs taken, delivering images to the London Headquarters of PYMCA. Maintaining a database of images submitted, approved, and rejected. Once images have been accepted by PYMCA, they are exclusively represented by PYMCA

Texas Talent Search
Still Photographer
Taking archival images of the productions to be used for promotional purposes. Capturing digital images of live performances by the contestants. Maintaining the library of all images taken.

Work with David Mann

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