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agga b. raya fashion stylist and fashion designer, has substantial international experience in the fields of fashion/costume design and styling. from concept to execution including sketches and fabrication, also an expert in all facets of image-making and character development via wardrobe and style.
my approach to work is inspired by complete originality, inventiveness and resourcefulness.

Equipment / gear / software

- production budgeting and accounting
- fashion illustration
- technical design proficiency
- highly skilled in Photoshop
- knowledgeable shopper of clothing and fabrics with a great number of supplier&vendor contacts, including product placement contacts.
- knowledge of draping and pattern design for a plethora of materials from canvas to stretch, chiffon to leather.
- professional and pleasant to be around
- comes complete with an entire team of assistants and interns
- available to travel

We have been in the industry since 2004.

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