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The director and head stunt coordinator for the Stunt Kids Association of Hollywood is D'Janine Lasky, the great granddaughter of Jesse L. Lasky, founder of Paramount Pictures and producer of the very first feature length film in Hollywood back in 1914. The Stunt Kids Association of Hollywood is the non-profit arm of Lasky Productions, providing stunt training courses, stunt coordinating services and action choreography for all age actors. Our staff is comprised of 7 stunt trainers & coordinators who have had years of experience in television, film, commercials and live shows. Our stunt professionals will make it happen for the camera! Our staff provides on set stunt training for actors or their doubles, specializing in low falls, power tumbling, mini-trampoline stunts, trampoline stunts, free running, parkour, weapons, high falls, stage combat, physical comedy and stunts in traditional gymnastics.

The Stunt Kids Association of Hollywood also operates an on-set equipment rental service, providing FREE delivery, load-in and set-up of stunt equipment such as mini-trampolines, stunt pits, tumbling mats, trampolines, crash mats, springboards and an assortment of gymnastics equipment. The S.K.A.H. also manages both union and non-union action talent, from developmental talent to established professionals of all ages. Experienced action performers for the more challenging and high risk stunt work are available as stunt doubles. The Stunt Kids Association currently has over 100 members, with a majority of the members being adults who play 18 to look younger, however, there are also some senior stunt performers available who are "kids" at heart. Additional production services provided by Lasky Productions include: craft services, location services, casting assistance, crewing referrals and child wrangling.

I have been in the industry since 1984.

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