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Darwin 1154 - Sector A - 2nd floor B
Buenos Aires, Argentina 1414

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Shambala VFX is a visionary company that exceeds the known limits of the digital postproduction.
Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we have worked for many companies around the world in demanding and ambitious projects of the advertising market and feature films.
We stand by the professionalism and final quality of our work that we apply to all our commitment and fanaticism.
In Shambala VFX we believe that the success of your project depends directly on the work done by professionals in preproduction. That is why we consider it appropriate to participate actively in the development of your project to get the most technical and artistic.
We work as a team, and together with the art director and designers to create the world that our customers have imagined.
New experiences and projects that challenge the best of us are what we are most passionate about.

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