About Me

Sam Fischer loves light.  He loves the drama light can evoke.  He loves the warmth it can exude.  He loves the starkness it can convey.  Which is probably why Fischer began his 25-year career in the film industry working with lights – specifically, lighting sets.  His  passion for light came in handy as he morphed from Gaffer to Cinematographer, shooting feature films, documentaries and commercials. 
But even more than lights, Fischer loves to direct.  Directing has always been his ultimate creative aspiration.  Fischer is most recently known for directing the 2012 feature film drama, “Memorial Day,” starring Academy Award Nominee James Cromwell and Jonathan Bennett.  With his production company, Perspective Films, he has directed a number of commercials, documentaries and webisodes.  He continues to hone his directing skills through editing, producing and cinematography.       
In his spare time, Fischer basks in the very bright, shiny light of his two baby boys – Sev and Viggo – and receives direction from his lovely wife, Janna.

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