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About Me

Dhruv Kumar is a photographer, cinematographer, editor, producer, and director. This has been his passion since he attended Central Islip High School and Brookhaven Technical Institute. He continues to pursue the entertainment industry by expanding his skills and knowledge as he finished his time at York College – The City University of New York , in the field of Communications Technology and with real-world clients achieved since his beginning since he started during his High School Days.

During his High School Days, he started a small production company with a crew of four under the name of U GOT PWND Productions, a name he chose since he is a video gamer and a term often used when one gamer defeated another gamer. He gained clientele from attending concerts and expanded over the years, but achieving this was no easy task.

He started out in his home country he was born in, Brunei Darussalam, in Southeast Asia. At the age of five, Dhruv has been travelling all over the world from places like Vancouver, Dubai, India and finally to the United States. It was hard to adapt to each place, as he had to start fresh each time while changing schools continuously, and eventually loosing friends and confidence from each change of location. As he and his family finally settled in the United States, new doors and technological advances opened up his passion to learn more about these new technologies he has never seen or fathomed over with the desire to learn more, especially when his father got a new camera, which caught Dhruv’s attention.

The first camera he used was his dads Vivatar SLR film Camera. He was fascinated with it and wanted to learn more about it as soon as he took his first picture. From there he continued to learn more about cameras and took classes in High School, quickly learning the various uses and getting to know video as well. Since then, he has used many cameras from the ENG style cameras, to pro-sumer cameras, to Digital SLR’s, to many types of video cameras.

Dhruv works with many types of clientele from independent musicians, such as SOMA, Igor’s Egg, and Born of Scars, to mainstream musicians such as Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, and Blink 182. Aside from the music industry, he has shot his own personal documentaries and films. Dhruv’s desire does not end, he continues to pursue his dreams in photo and video, and will continue with no limits, obstacles, and no signs of stopping.

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