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I am a seasoned professional and entrepreneur reaching out for a larger market. Currently I run a production business an hour north of Nashville, TN and I am avidly seeking to move to the Nashville area. I have clients throughout the region and a few based out of New York City. I work daily with Final Cut Pro Studio 7, X, as well as the Adobe CS6 Master Suite. I have experience with the Avid editing suite as well. Most recently my company produced a concert special for Miles Copeland Inc. for broadcast on PBS as well as a DVD to be released next month titled, "Celtic Crossroads: Live in Canada". While in previous positions at both CBS and Fox affiliates I taught myself earlier versions of both the Avid and After Effects. Switching from Final Cut back to the Avid will not be a problem.

I also teach advanced editing for Murray State University. Teaching students Final Cut Pro 7 and some of the Adobe programs. Teaching is the best way to learn and i enjoy it very much. It pushes me to not only become better and more efficient with my craft but also to be able to communicate the process effectively to my students.

This past year I also published a historical pictorial book about a class D baseball minor league through Arcadia Publishing. "The Kitty League" Images of Baseball, is a book that begins in 1903 and ends in 1955. Tracking down historical records, photos, articles, memorabilia and telling the story of the league was an adventure that I will never forget. The book has been a wonderful success since it's publication. I am in the production process of a television documentary on the same topic.

I am very enthusiastic about television production. My goal is and has always been to create quality television productions in a timely manner. I am a team player, hard worker, very skilled and educated in our field.

I have been in the industry since 1997.

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