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Born in Newark, New Jersey, Laron Wise was a child destined for greatness. From the time he first laid eyes on a television screen, Laron Wise knew that entertainment was his calling. First dong music he felt that it didn't portray him in the right light. In 2011, went on 200 auditions determined to make a transition from music into acting. Landing a great deal of projects Laron became determined to make this his main career and felt that he had a lot to offer. In 2013, Laron began doing voiceover work. Currently, Laron is in pre-production for the feature film "Rise of the Living Dead" and filming the television series "Dead Room". Also he is doing the world's first CGI Animated web horror series "Arksville Homicides". 2013 has been a great turning point for Laron, doing an Audi commercial with Claire Dianes and being featured on Hendricks Porsche website. Acting truly is what Laron wants to do and often jokes about how he can't wait to become the next Will Smith deeming himself "The Smith of Will". He is hunting to improve his craft as a whole. Working with new writers, directors, producers, and actors has expanded his eye of range. As Laron continues to grow as an actor he wants to look for other opportunities other than acting. He is a leader and wants to expand his brand as far as possible.

I have been in the industry since 2012.

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