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I was Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am a detail-oriented individual that has dedicated himself to all facets of production during the last 15 years. My experience with production started at a very early age when I was often cast as a child actor for various TV commercials in my native Puerto Rico, and continued as I grew older when I assisted my family with the business of running their radio station. As a result of this, I am both extremely comfortable with being on set and knowledgeable about the equipment and the demanding expectations of the production field.

My education in the arts continued when my desire to become a sound engineer led me to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass in 1997, where I had the privilege of majoring in Production and Engineering, with my principal instrument being the trumpet.

Once I graduated from Berklee, I decided to go back to Puerto Rico to put my newly acquired skills to work. I initially started working for prestigious local studios as an audio engineer and then also realized that I possessed the talent to edit video. I immediately started studying the AVID system and became a video editor for Puerto Rico's renowned production company, Paradiso Films and later Digitec.

It was during my time as a video editor that I became exposed to the advertising industry and soon after was fascinated by the possibility of becoming an advertising producer. Ever since then, I have been producing TV/Radio as well as all type of integrated digital content. I am now able to put together all of my past life and career experience while continuing to pursue new skills that will help to complement the ever-changing landscape that is production. I strongly believe that production is a puzzle that is easier to solve when you keep adding new pieces.

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