Chris Logan Harley

West Chester, Pennsylvania

About Me

Chris Logan Harley is a filmmaker residing outside Philadelphia, PA, and filming all over the USA. He is three equal parts director, director of photography, and editor. He loves to exercise his creativity and skills on personal projects as well as for companies and brands. Nothing excites him more than creating stories and experiences and bringing them to life through compelling images and dynamic motion. When he's not producing film and video, he's an avid golfer, snowboarder, mountain biker, music nerd, coffee addict and beer snob.

Chris Logan Harley is a director, cinematographer, and editor, as well as an experienced videographer, assistant camera, and photographer. After graduating from Penn State University in 2009, Chris has been a busy freelancer and contractor ever since.

He is a filmmaker capable of every part of production from conception through delivery. He has created, directed, and filmed and produced video for many brands such as BlackBerry, Abbott Pharmaceutical, and America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses. He has also been behind the lens for major companies like McDonald's, Mercedes-Benz, and Subaru. In addition to commercials, corporate videos, and branded content, Chris has filmed and directed various music videos and short films, and has been involved in several web series and other content. He has a passion for start-up culture and is always interested in hearing from new and exciting companies.

Chris is experienced with many cameras including RED, Alexa, Blackmagic, and Canon DSLRs, and edits on an Adobe Premiere platform with the addition of Davinci Resolve.

Have Chris be part of your team or have him produce custom content for your brand or company. He'd love to hear from you! :-)

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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