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Los Angeles, California

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I am a Studio Tech/ Audio Engineer who is humble and always willing to learn from others with more experience. I can build and make Preamps,EQ's,cables,and trouble shoot any non-working studio gear, that includes Recording Consoles and patchbays as well. I have been engineering For 8yrs now, I have worked on Large consoles such as Neve, SSL's, Audient, and Trident console. I am well educated in signal flow, bussing, and routing etc.. and I am also Familiar with certain DAW's such as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, etc.. just to name a few. I am a Live/Session Musician as well, I am experienced Guitar Player, I have done previous work with studios such as"Dra Music Productions" located in Okeechobee ,Fl. and released & Mixed an album, I have also done work with Durbin Audio located in Winter Park, Fl.

Overall, I am a well respectful, dedicated, very dependable, trustworthy, polite individual.

- Fix and Operate Large Consoles
-Troubleshoot Equipment/Gear
- Knowledge of Signal flow
- Knowledge of Microphones & Polar patterns, a clean sound going in, a clean sound coming out
-8 Years of freelancing and mixing
-Hardworking and respectful engineer

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