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We are a camera jib service with camera operators serving los angeles, las vegas, and san diego. With our 9'-25' jimmy jib triangle jib, we can dramatically improve up your production value with the unique angles and moves that only a jib and experienced jib operators can provide, from slow drifts to high speed passes and everything in between. I can build a monsterjib from 6' to 25', and can fit in small spaces. We can support feature films, short films, concerts, and reality tv, commercials, parades as well as music videos. We can transport our camera jib equipment to any location in California, Arizona and Nevada.

We also have Steadicam services and D.P/ Gafer services as well.

I have been in the industry since 1989.

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Added on 2/9/2013
MONSTERJIBS is a camera jib service for filmmakers, tv producers and more. Jib services for southern California. The MONSTERJIBS Triangle Crane gives you real "bang for the buck" This crane can handle cameras as heavy as 40 lbs and take them to heights of more than 30 ft. The MONSTERJIBS Triangle is designed for use in virtually any location. The narrow profile and single post head assembly allows the jib to be used in small buildings, factories, and even residential homes. It's narrow foot print makes it ideal for stage work as well. The MONSTERJIBS Triangle uses ordinary training weights that can be picked up almost anywhere, so shipping is easy and convenient. It's extremely portable and can be checked as baggage for air travel. A single operator with the use of a joystick operates the Monster Jib Triangle. It can also be dual operated using a follow focus operator. Either way, the operator (s) has full control of pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris and start stop of camera. The MONSTERJIBS Triangle allows the operator to move the camera smoothly from 6 inches off the ground to a height of 30 feet, all while panning, tilting and arming either left and right, up and down. The remote head accommodates both film and video cameras. Build a Jib in any of these sizes 6,9,13,16,19,23,25,30ft. of reach. MONSTERJIBS is working on a new unique design. All set ups will have Wind Dynamic sections which prevent the crane from being pushed by high winds. ? We have some great jib operators and jib techs with over 13 years experience in getting those cool shots you see and often say "How did they shoot that?". MONSTERJIBS has a fully equipped vehicle to easily set up at your location quickly and safely. http://www.monsterjibs.net

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