Jeremy Pinckert

Chicago, Illinois

About Me

An award-winning Director focused on capturing beauty in everyday lifestyle situations for television commercial advertisers and short-form web campaigns. I like to engage audiences in my storytelling by storyboarding eye-catching visuals, pacing out a narrative flow, either with actors, real-persons, text on screen, or other creative communication methods, and then intertwining contemporary music & sound design to achieve optimum emotional impact. Agencies looking for Retail, Pharmaceutical, Health care, Financial, Collegiate, and anything involving Comedic Timing will see the potential in the projects featured within this reel.

I have been in the industry since 2000.

Better Banking
Added on 1/29/2021
Teacher’s Credit Union came to me with a need for an ad that sends a contemporary message about the advantages of their redesigned mobile app. Little did we know the creative under director Jeremy Pinckert would grow into a meta foray including time travel, poignant dialogue, and some well-placed transitions & match frames.

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