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Caleb Winkler is a freelancer who specializes in photography with an impressive background in Television and Film production, excelling in video production ever since high school winning prestigious awards such as the “STN Excellence Award for Daily Taped Show” 2011. Collaborating with award winning staff for local and international clients such as Bubba Burger and 5ivecanons; catching the eye of a variety of companies

Seeking to practice the knowledge and skills I have accumulated over the years to create high quality products for my future employers and clients, I will put forth everything I have to coordinate and develop the highest quality material that fits well into all parameters set by my employer. I have experience with a diverse set of programs and gear and can adapt easily and swiftly with any new technologies and challenges of the future to be ahead of the game. My work ethic is to stay professional and respectable when I am representing my employer both on and off the clock. I have years of experience in production of TV and film and am confident I will bring the best production staying on time and on budget. I look forward to the challenges any opportunity brings.

When you hire me, there will only be high quality production, a positive attitude, an effort to go above and beyond, and an employee who is all around very pleasant to work with. Again, my name is Caleb Winkler and I look very much forward to working with you.

I have been in the industry since 2012.

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