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Malvern, Pennsylvania

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As an online short film festival, the Creative Arts Film Festival (CAFF) is deeply committed to the art of filmmaking and our mission is three-fold.

First, we work to build maximum exposure for our filmmakers to fans around the world. CAFF believes that by building a legion of fans, every filmmaker gains more opportunity to work their film career to the level they hope for.

Second, we strive to have as many industry professionals as possible visit our website, especially during the festival run, to feature the filmmakers' work to them, with a goal of career creation to the top levels of the entertainment industry.

Third, to produce an exciting and unforgettable film festival experience for the fans of short films, and movie lovers from around the world.

CAFF feels our creative artists produce some of the best films ever made and we strive to do our best to celebrate and support their undying devotion to art and creativity, with an acknowledgement of their commitment and compliment to the craft of filmmaking.

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Added on 10/10/2012
Creative Connie Spielberg welcomes you to Creative Arts Film Festival!

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