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Donnie Bell is a composer originating from Central New York. Throughout the years, he has traveled from coast to coast and has worked all over the country. For two and a half years, Bell worked out of Los Angeles, CA, where he also attended the University Of Southern California. Presently, Bell is based out of Tacoma, Washington.

At an early age, Bell began playing the drums and shortly thereafter began performing with what would be a list of productions and performance groups. Although Bell enjoys performing, his greater passion lies within the compositional area of music.

Throughout 2010, Bell released Chronicles, a multi-movement programmatic piece scored for a percussion quintet. (Toucan's Revenge, the fourth movement of Chronicles, has been performed by the Pierce College Percussion Ensemble and has received airtime on Northwest Public Radio.) As a follow-up to Chronicles, Bell veered in a rather different direction to write Hold On, Let Go, a solo work for piano.

In February of 2011, Bell released his most elaborate work to date, Tacoma, WA. Tacoma, WA is a work written for a wind and brass ensemble and pays homage to one of Bell's favorite places, Tacoma, Washington.

In August of 2012, Bell released Snails To Slugs (stylized as sn@ils to ślugs), a duet written for two marimbas. The follow-up to Snails To Slugs, Impaler, is anticipated for a release later in October.

Currently scheduled for a late 2012 release, Bell is also in the midst of completing the sequel to Chronicles.

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