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Imbued with a love of story-telling, and educated in a vast array of music and techniques from the 16th century to the latest Spotify playlists, Rolando Gori’s music is a dynamic blend at once timeless and modern, ideal for any project from screen to the concert stage.

Rolando was mostly self-taught until formally focusing on piano performance and composition. He received a Degree in Music Composition & Theory from Concordia University in Montreal. His first professional experiences were writing music for the theatre, and commissions for live concert performances of his chamber works. At the same time, Rolando’s love of all things popular had him writing and performing his own songs in live venues around London. When he moved to New York, he discovered a deep connection in writing music for film, and began collaborating with filmmakers, learning how to approach these new technical demands, as well as relentlessly educating himself on the latest music production techniques. Drawing from all the influences of his past, his music began to find its own voice, culminating in a sound that is simultaneously energetic and shimmering, while still deep and atmospheric.

Over the years, Rolando has had the good fortune to be involved with many exciting and worthwhile endeavors. In 2012 he began working with Hollywood stuntman and documentary filmmaker Roy T. Anderson on his series of documentaries about the Jamaican Maroons, which have garnered critical acclaim. He was commissioned to write the fanfare for the United Nations’ 70th Anniversary commemorative video (2015). In 2016 his Symphony, XLIV was premiered in New York’s DiMenna Center performed by Symphony Orchestra of the Americas. Most recently he has written the music for the Woody Allen film, Rifkin’s Festival (2020).

In addition to composing music, Rolando is an active collaborator and producer, working with artists to create and further music creation. Along with accomplished vocalist and composer, Daniel T. Curran, he founded The Soniq Haze in 2019, dedicated to creating production music for film and TV. In 2017 he produced the music and video Room 4 Love with collaborating partner, Bobby Boas. He has produced albums with his wife, singer/songwriter Heidi Siegell, whose album In Stillness won multiple awards.

Distant Gravities
Added on 2/21/2020
A compilation of NASA artists' renderings of worlds far outside our solar system set to the instrumental work Inside Outside, found on the album Impression, released by Twisted Jukebox. Photo credit: NASA.


Composer – TBA

December, 2019 — January, 2020
Feature – Woody Allen

Composer – Ruth

October, 2019 — December, 2019
Short Film – Shannon Jarrell-Ivey

Composer – Mr Sam

June, 2018 — October, 2018
Short Film – Zeus Pictures

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