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David Anthony Crowley is a New York City based costume designer and stylist. Having originally studied film, he has a solid comprehension of the importance of working with colors and establishing strong visuals in order to convey emotion and enhance a storyline’s progression. It was during his initial year of film school when he realized that for as long as the audience was asked to watch an actor they were also asked to pay attention to what he or she was wearing. From there, Crowley quickly noticed the influence a costume can have on an audience and how important a wardrobe can be to a character's emotional progression. Clothes and costumes soon became a very important visual within his films and within his life.

Having since made the transition from the production end of film work, David Crowley has assisted on and interned for productions such as Adult Swim’s Delocated, Comedy Central’s The Onion News Network, The Eugene Mirman Project, The Gregory Brothers Television Show, and CBS’ popular crime drama Blue Bloods, starring Tom Selleck - among various other productions.

He has also designed several film and stage plays in both New York City and Philadelphia including - but not limited to - Castlevania - Gamervision Productions; Rubicon - Romano Productions; Lucky - Bad Neighbor Productions; and The WIld Duck by Henrik Ibsen - Compassion Theater Company.

Most recently, David Anthony Crowley aided the wardrobe department of the internationally renowned Shaw Festival in Ontario, Canada as a Junior Stitcher, served as wardrobe assistant for the new Paul Rudd film They Came Together, and was the head costume designer for Ward’s Island - A feature film by Infectious Films LLC starring Ariana Richards (Jurassic Park), Kate Vernon (Battlestar Galactica), Craig Scheffer (The O.C.), Bill Duke (Predator), Wes Studi (Dances with Wolves, Avatar), and Dennis Haysbert (All State, Far from Heaven).

This Spring he will be the head stylist for the Chica Show, a children’s television program on the Sprout Network currently guest staring Mario Lopez.

Currently, he is the head costume designer for Boheme Opera’s production of Faust.

He has advanced sewing skills, a thorough knowledge of garment construction, a deep understanding of fabrics, well-developed drawing and rendering skills, and a deep passion for design.

Please feel free to request a full resume.

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