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Losttime Studios is looking for a Animation studio to Produce or sell comic book stories with shared rights or Sold or optioned for $10000-3.2 Millon.
The folowing Projects are ISO partners;

1. Project Nambi-space ninja adventure story.
2. Project Jet July-Outer space black sister bounty hunters
3. Z.Zoo Project-Oni warriors who protect the magic animals

Media products to be produced: Movies, Cartoon series,Video Games, Ebook apps,and etc.

Since 1997 Losttime Comics has been producing original storyboard content to be sold as various media products such as cartoon series, life action movies, Apps,video games and online comics. Losttime LLC a talent based Comic book company that is always changing and creating various of different stories and colorful charactors Losttime has grown into a social Media based business that believes in the heart of the stories we have created and the AWESOME staff and freelance Professional artists from across the world to bring you some great entertainment and profit.
Adrian C. Eugene:Creative Director/Founder/President
Ms. Doris Chu:Director of Production for Losttime Comics (USA)
Mr.Robot: Shandong Zhangdong Media Co. (China) uTube: allhappyorange Animation, commercials, architectural, games, phone apps

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We have been in the industry since 1997.

Losttime Demo reel.
Added on 10/19/2012
Well. The work speaks for itself.

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