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Seattle, Washington

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Location audio/field sound mixer.
Extensive experience working on narrative, corporate, ENG, commercials, documentaries and webisodes. I mix with a Zaxcom Maxx and the Zaxcom Nomad but am proficient with all Sound Devices and Shure mixers.
I have my own sound equipment: professional field mixers, 10 professional wireless and 10 ifbs.
Very capable at one man banding (booming and mixing simultaneously), run and gunning, VO and ADR work
Some notable clients
Comedy Central
Fox Sports
Wells Fargo
Peanut Butter and Co.
Recorded interviews with people
as different as Jack Antonoff and Henry Kissinger

Vimeo password is: gustosa

If you want to see more of my work I can send you links.

I have been in the industry since 2002.


Boom operator for Fractures Films Wgae member Screenwriter for Disney Sound mixer/boom operator for karaoke the commercials Boom operator for. Documentary on Colombia University Medical Center Audio/writer for the feature Fractures Audio/writer for Samsung for two screen contest Audio/writer for the Web series Strings. Boom operator for Samsung commercial location sound for multiple shorts and idie films. 1st audio for Ripe Decay 1st audio for The Laundry Room 1st Audio for Sound Sound mixing for Bedford and Broadway Sound mixer on The Last Days of Summer Audio for the slingshot ride in Coney Island. For stickland. Audio for the reality series The Barber Shop 1st audio for the Web series "Lemmings" audio for Ford promo audio for Below The Line web series audio for "What Big Teeth You Have " Production Sound Mixer/Head Audio for "Saint Francis what A Wonderful Dude" Audio for Kiss The Girls Audio for Casual Encounters Audio for Machine Shop reality show Audio for Space Nerds. Reality show Audio for Killing Castro Audio for the short Bonnie and Clyde 1st audio for Karolina Herrara 1st audio for Giselle 1st audio documentary on The Sugar House Casino 1st audio on economic documentary at upenn Top Billing fashion week in NYC Pet Harness commercial Choke Artist (TV series) Choke Artist (series) KFC Zax computer marketing Comercial The Red Trail Donor's Choose w Exacttarget Tiki Bar reality show Jostons /Grammy interview with Jack Antonoff Interview for The Hive. Artist Andres Serrano PAX Expo Free W TRI clothing commercial Papa Johns pizza commercial. Makers Faire 2014 Ford Chobani yogurt promotional and discussion on Syria Audio for Atlantic Trust at the UN Wells Fargo Paragal commercial Green Glow productions Dorritos Superbowl Comedy Central Disney Samsung Ford Trucks Dodge Bravo Fox Sports Peanut butter & Co commercial Purina Cat Food commercial Documentary "Crazy Eddie" NBC Sports. Winner of The Kentucky Derby and Preakness Bradley Cup Award. Henry Kissinger and General Petraeus Sound mixer on Ghost Sasquash Mma shoot with Chris Wedman Nike Running focus group. Nike focus group Nike focus group On The Job Pre Pratt college program DECA productions. Kohler Livery (short) Febreeze commercial PYPO productions


Zaxcom Nomad 10 mixer with Zaxnet and fp-8 fader panel Zaxcom Maxx mixer Tascam Tmstpro mic Tm-st1 ms stereo mic Ntg 8 mic Schoeps cmit 5u Blimp System kit 2 Mackie 402-VLZ3 4 Channel Compact Recording Mixer B Rode boom pole Ke-110ccr Avalon Aluminum boom pole Plural Eyes program Basic skills with pro tools. Sennheiser 416 microphone with Blimp System K-TEK K-202CCR boom pole K-tech blimp system Tascam dr40 and dr 100 backup recorders 6x UCR411a's, 1 Srb5ps(2 ch), 8 Smqvs 4 x Erx2tcd(ifb) for directors and scriptys (sends them audio and timecode or used as a scratch track for ťhe camera(sends mono guise track audio and timecode) . 1 TRX900cl camera link to Rx200 or qrx200 for stereo, wireless audio to camera. Sanken Cs3e shotgun mic TS-C smart slate 2 Zaxcom qrx200 wideband recievers 2 trx2.5s (wireless TX with internal recording) Fp-8 fader panel for Nomad. Comteks m72s 1 TX and two rx, 216s 1 TX(7 series) and 4 rx trx742 mic cube transmitter for boom or hand held Many hand held mics. With the trx742, they become wireless mics that send audio to my Nomad or Maxx. Mackie 1202VLZ4 12-Channel Compact Mixer SM81-LC mic 4 TRX 2.6s transmitters 2 CUBs boundary mics Micplexer 2 SM-82 RE-50 Two Mkh50 Sennheiser hypercardiods Rx200 stereo hops for camera. Timecode and balanced stereo input. Sm81 Sm82 10 Cos 11ds 4 DPAs 4063s, 4071s and 4061s Countrymen b6s Dipoles



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Gavin brings everything you require from a great sound mixer to the table; top notch gear, a great attitude and a wonderful sense of humor to keep your crew running like a well-oiled machine.

Toy Robot Studios

Gavin is an avid sound mixer who's very experienced and versatile. His keen attention to detail drives him to deliver the best results possible at all times. He's a great team player, and very pleasant to be around. Any production would be lucky to have him.

Chapter Four

Gavin Borden is an honest, top notch sound mixer! Highly intelligent and a pleasure to work with, this man is a truly wonderful addition to any TV/film crew.


Joe Pfeil

Joe Pfeil

Gavin was the sound recorder/mixer on my independent feature, "St. Francis! A Wonderful Dude!" and he was outstanding. The dedication he has for his craft coupled with his professionalism made for a wonderful production experience with him on set. He truly is someone you want to work on your projects. I have never heard better sound on any project that I have been a part of. Extremely crisp, clear and precise sound. We had some sound issues we had to deal with on the set--airplanes, wind, helicopters and Gavin handled them like a complete pro--listening to his sound afterwards, you would have never known that we had to deal with those issues--he is just that good.The sound quality on my film was elevated to a whole new level by having Gavin on the set. I would highly recommend him for your sound needs on any project that you had in mind.


Professional, on time, went above and beyond.

Tom Patterson

Julia Elise Shaw