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I am applying for the coordinator position I found through your posting. I believe with my relentless work ethic, my background in both coordinating and cinematography, and my proven track record, I would make a great candidate for the job.

I have coordinated and produced music videos, commercials, short films, fashion spots, photo shoots, and three feature films. In my time as a coordinator, I have been responsible for all logistical aspects of production, hiring crew, creating actor/crew deal memos, securing production insurance, maintaining relationships with vendors, invoicing/accounting, and making sure there's a good vibe on set. I have scouted, obtained, and cleared many locations in NYC and have a firm understanding of permitting and operating a project under SAG guidelines. Some of my clients include, M&M Mars, Gatorade, and Ralph Lauren.

Just recently, I was hired to coordinate on a low budget feature, I Was There. The production was two weeks away from shooting and they had no locations, no crew, no permits, and had not applied to SAG. However, once I came on board, I was able to secure 10 locations, get the production cleared by SAG, hire an excellent and professional NYC crew, and begin us on time and under budget.

Since that time, I have purchased a RED EPIC and have been using it on my own creative endeavors as well as a tool to facilitate projects I love. I have all the experience and motivation to make a production work. Please view some of my work here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed making it.


I have been in the industry since 2008.

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