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Marietta, Georgia

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My passion for film continues to grow since I graduated from the Film and Video program at The Pennsylvania State University. I directed a short film entitled Prosopope, which premiered at the Blue and White Film Festival at Penn State.

For the past 2 years I’ve been working at News 12 as a freelance photographer. As a photographer my duties require me to capture footage for different stories that I’m assigned to. I sometimes work alone or collaborate with a reporter depending on the story. In addition to shooting various stories, I also edit all the footage so that it can be aired for the show. This job is very demanding because each task must be completed by a deadline in order for the newsroom to run.

My education and professional experience has attributed me skills set related to my internship at NBC’s Saturday Night Live. My internship helped me learn the steps it takes to air a show while working in the post-production department. I completed research on the music licensing of all third party music used in production. During my internship at the African-American Media Network in Hempstead, NY I was trained to utilize the studio’s camera equipment as well as the editing program I movie. I also was trained on how to construct a news package.

My education experience has helped shape my independent skills as well as my ability to work well in a team. My courses focused on film theory and production allows me to analyze films with an artistic perspective. Production classes also gave me the experience of working in teams as if I was on a Hollywood production. While completing film projects I have efficiently worked well in a team.

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