Daniel Mulhearn

Los Angeles, California


About Me

As an Editor, Assistant Editor and Production Assistant my responsibilities have included importing and logging footage, editing rough-cuts and promos, laying shows off to tape, designing web content (Dreamweaver), obtaining releases, lighting design and setup, and, most importantly, making sure that everyone was fed. I have worked on a number of high-profile projects, the highlights of which include Curb Appeal (HGTV), “President Kennedy Has Been Shot” (CNN Presents), “Deciphering Nature’s Alphabet” (National Institutes of Health), and the three-part series “Well Into Your Future” (PBS). I own a Final Cut X system.

My favorite aspect of media production and editing is immersing myself in the story and then helping the production team to share that story with others. Whether it’s John Wooden talking about his role as a teacher as well as a basketball coach, or Herbert Boyer discussing the challenges of mapping the human genome, or Patsy Mink describing the challenges of being one of the first women to serve in Congress, the value of the human element of media-making can never be overstated.

I look forward to bringing my extensive experience to help tell your stories. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Mulhearn_Reel 2018
Added on 8/28/2018
My reel shows the different projects I have been involved with as Producer/Editor/Camera Operator.

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