Juston Rindlesbach

Richardson, Texas


About Me

I was most recently a project video editor at AMS Pictures, where I edited the Cooking Channel series, "Chuck's Eat the Street." Previously, I spent six months as an assistant editor at Reel FX, collaborating on a feature-length animated film.

Prior to my time in Dallas, I was the video editor for Cartoon Network Digital in Atlanta GA. There I created unique, short-form content for CartoonNetwork .com, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites. I self-manage many of my projects through all stages of planning, design, development, and production, shooting and editing eye-catching pieces that are supportive of network promotional strategies. I also managed the websites back-end content management system.

My experience runs the gamut of network-related videos, from recaps and sneak peeks of on-air programming to talent interviews to covering live events. My creative abilities are complemented by extensive experience with digital workflow, archiving, compressing, and exporting finished videos to the network, as well as the capacity to effectively manage time and resources.

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