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Casting Partners™ serves the highest-level commercial, fashion, television and film clients, and are equipped for any size project.

Isn't it about time casting caught up with the rest of the web-2.0 world? Experience the revolutionary convenience and efficiency of our online casting portal, designed with the needs of the producer and ad agency in mind.

Immediate casting results, online talent selection, sorting and comparison features, and booking (including online booking and size sheets), creates a seamless casting experience.

With an in-house database of more than 10,000 actors, models and real people available for quick comp-pulls and direct bookings, and two state-of-the art studios for traditional casting, Casting Partners™ guarantees the perfect talent for any production.

We offer:

Comp-pulls, go-sees and direct bookings from our inventory
Union and non-union actors, models, and Real People
Traditional in-studio or on-location casting
Immediate web link uploads, video-conferencing
Consultation, Talent negotiations, Full service
Private client loft area with lounge, conference space, wifi
Availability 24/7

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