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At the helm of OUTREMER FILM is DIRK VAN DEN BERG, a director/writer/producer with vast international experience, Dirk specializes in documentary and investigative projects in the Middle East, Africa and other such areas. He has extensive work experience in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Northern and East Africa.

Dirk just finished the international feature documentary "1979 BIG BANG OF THE PRESENT" (for more: http://1979bigbang.com) that in 2 roller-coaster episodes narrates the pivotal events of the year that gave birth to our present: 1979. The film was co-produced between Dirk's Berlin joint OUTREMER FILM and Pascal Verroust's Paris-based K2 PRODUCTIONS, and co-financed by ARTE, RBB, TVP Poland, ORF Austria, and NRK. It is already distributed in more than two dozen countries.

His previous film in 2018 was the critically-acclaimed SIEGE OF MECCA. Five years in the making, THE SIEGE OF MECCA dives into Arabia's darkest secret and greatest taboo, the hijacking of and battle over the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia that marked the beginning of religiously motivated Islamist terrorism as we know it today. Produced jointly by Dirk’s OUTREMER FILM (Berlin, Germany) and Pascal Verroust’s K2-PRODUCTION (Paris, France), the film was supported by ARTE France, NDR, WDR, HR, RBB, ORF, FFHSH Hamburg and INA France; PBS International handles world sales.

We have been in the industry since 2010.

Added on 11/26/2019
A rollercoaster documentary (1x90 and 2x45) that narrates the pivotal events of the year that gave birth to our present: 1979. Coproduced between Dirk's OUTREMER FILM and Pascal Verroust's K2 PRODUCTIONS, the film is co-financed by ARTE, RBB, TVP Poland, ORF Austria, and NRK, and is already distributed in more than two dozen countries. Directors-producers DIRK VAN DEN BERG and PASCAL VERROUST will narrate how the events on 1979 define our lives until today. The ongoing crises in the Middle East, the expansion of terrorist networks and the never-ending conflict in Afghanistan, but also China’s rapid rise to the rank of a world power, the omnipresent issue of Brexit that might become the biggest threat to an EU struggling to find it's new place in the world – they all have their roots in 1979. With first-hand witness accounts and never-before-seen archive footage, they will decrypt the globalised present and show how 1979 was THE BIG BANG OF THE PRESENT. MORE: From Deng Xiaoping's economic opening of China to Margaret Thatcher’s introduction of liberal market politics, from Ayatollah Khomeini’s return to Iran and Islamic revolution to Pope John Paul II and his summer visit in Poland where he called fellow catholics to resist against communism, from the Second Oil Shock and the nuclear accident at the Harrisburg Three Mile Island power plant to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, from Saddam Hussain's power grab in Iraq to the beginning of nuclear proliferation with India, and from the very first Climate Change report to the first wave of refugees when the Vietnamese Boat People arrived in Europe: within the twelve months of 1979, the world saw the rise of multiple new protagonists who enacted pivotal change of direction in Religion, Economics and Politics.

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