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Specialized in documentary and hand- picked feature films, we are dedicated to the adventure of the real and beyond.

"OutreMer" is an ancient word for all that lies beyond - figuratively and literally. From our solid bases in Berlin and Hamburg, we create films in Africa, the Middle East, the Maghreb and Central Asia, focusing on documentaries and hand-picked feature films with unique subjects.

Between 2014 and 2016 we are seeing a lot of Africa. Among the results are the GUZO series and a feature documentary right out of the hottest music clubs of quirky Addis Ababa: "JAMMING ADDIS", a cinematic jam session about Ethiopian music that breaks taboos about Africa.
"1979" is our most ambitious project yet: a high profile investigation into a pivotal yet still unknown event of modern history that has impacted global relations ever since. An international coproduction between Germany, France and the USA, our film will attempt to build a missing link between our present and a point of no return in history, where what once was would never be again. For reasons of security whilst in production, information is available only upon request.
"GUZO" is a formidable trek into Africa's ancient heritage of music and culture, and a multi-episode series of documentaries. Accompanying a world-class musician on his quest for the origin of Music, we will roam the mountains, deserts and unknown regions of Ethiopia, on a journey both artistic and scientific.
Our projects in development include unusual investigations into Syrian lingerie and the unspoken world of the intimate in the Syrian capital of Damascus such as "SEAMS OF DESIRE", and filmic essays like "ART AND WAR" about art in times of turmoil.

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DIRK VAN DEN BERG is a director, writer and producer with vast international experience and a proven track record in feature films, television and documentary. He is specialized in difficult projects in risky territories and often works as a troubleshooter in territories such as the Middle East, the Maghreb, Africa or Asia. His last film is the feature documentary JAMMING ADDIS (75 minutes, client: the German Federal Foreign Office).

HENRIK SAUER (bvk) has a long experience with camerawork on many feature films and documentaries. Henrik believes that a camera should never be visible, neither during filming on set nor in the final image composition. Instead, cameras should be tools to preserve the most precious moments and emotions of interesting people, possibly giving a glimpse into their world. Henrik understands his camera as just a piece of technology without a soul, whereas it is the DoP’s work to seize these moments and transform them into stories.

ANDRÈ HELFERS is an experienced all-rounder in the media business. His interest in films and drama manifested in his early school days and led him to begin his career at Bavaria Film Studios, Munich. Starting as a production assistant, in 1994 he moved to publishing house Fantasy Production where he developed a broad expertise for the commercial side of media production. After an apprenticeship as a publishing salesman, he headed the video and internet department of an advertising agency, while he gained experience in the film industry as a unit and production manager on movie and TV productions for Filmpool Cologne and others.

JULIE PAGELER JULIE’s fondness for the arts and culture has brought her to different stages of life and is the motor for her activities between management and creativity. A graduate of Art history, archaeology and language studies, she keeps being actively involved in several music projects. After applying herself as a university research assistant, she successfully completed projects on data management and translations for major international governmental bodies. As an event manager and management assistant for the GIZ development aid association in Brussels, Julie gained a broad spectrum of administrative knowledge while collaborating with the European Commission to implement EU-funded projects all over the world.

We have been in the industry since 2010.

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The era of "Swinging Addis" was the first peak of Ethiopian music in the 1960s. It was brutally ended by a Marxist military regime. When the terror ended in 1987, only few of the musicians who had…

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