Curtis Guyer

Orlando, Florida

About Me

I am an audio engineer/producer/composer looking for a job within the audio/visual realm or within a recording studio. I have a bachelor's degree in Audio Production from The International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa. I use Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, as my DAW's. I am open to any kind of job, specifically in the film related audio field.

I grew up as a musician and I am still actively playing guitar, bass and drums. I also participated in chamber chorus in high school where I was properly trained to sing. With this background, I have always been making music and have grown my talent to the point where I can make up a song on spot. Along with my natural abilities as a musician, I wanted to learn how to record my own music, so I took the next step and attended school to become an audio engineer.

I want to work with a team of individuals that feel as strongly about their music/projects as I do and would like to be part of a company that wants to do something DIFFERENT but also understands that we are trying to run a business and needs to adapt to today's standards to be profitable.

I've been working as lead project manager for a boutique digital marketing agency in south Florida for the past 3 years and during this time I've picked up many skills that will help me immensely in my audio career. I'm looking for an opportunity to break into the industry and is part of the reason I just moved into the Nashville area.

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