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I was born in Barcelona in 1978, and becoming a cinematographer has been my life’s journey.

This journey started when I was 9, and I fell in love with the Black and White photography, getting my lab in my child's room. Light and framing was my passion during my childhood.

One year before starting The Film School University (CECC, Barcelona), I began to work in cinema and advertising. In my 18’s I became part of a camera crew, and I’ll never move from it.

During my years at The Film School University, I was combining my film studies between professional film and commercial work. Once I got my Cinematography Degree, I was immersed in the professional movie industry.

After years of working as a 2AC, in 2005, I started working as a 1AC with the most recognized filmmakers such as Harris Savides, Ellen Kuras, Rodrigo Prieto, Christopher Doyle, Tim Maurice- Jones, Natasha Braier, and more.

From 2007, I continue my path as Director of Photography. Developing my work in cinema and advertising. Since 2016, I am an AEC member (Spanish Society of Cinematographers) and IMAGO member (International Federation of Cinematographers).

Nowadays, my journey continues in Los Angeles where I live and work since 2010.

I have been in the industry since 1998.

Added on 7/2/2020
The story of Italy, from the 80s to nowadays, told through the life of four friends, Giulio, Gemma, Paolo e Riccardo; during 40 years of loves, aspirations, success, and failures.

Work with ELOI MOLI, AEC

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