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SUMMARY: Passionate cinephile, always striving to inspire, entertain, and inform. Strong belief in efficiency, communication, optimism, and good-old hard work. Experienced Cinematographer, AC, Camera Operator with 9+ years experience working extensively in independent and commercial productions. Strong understanding in the concepts of lighting, composition, color and camerawork. Proficient in film and digital formats, and color correction. Strong knowledge of Art History, Cinema, Photography, Music and Contemporary New Media Art forms. Ability to empathize, listen, and take direction well.
-Bachelor of Arts and Sciences: San Diego State University, San Diego CA school of Theatre, Film, TV & New Media Production (with emphasis in Cinematography), Minor in Philosophy.

-ASC Masterclass: graduate of American Society of Cinematographers MastersClass Fall 2013
Mentors included: Caleb Deschanel ASC, Dean Cundey ASC, Johnny Simmons ASC, Curtis Clark ASC, Josh Pines ASC, Bill Bennett ASC, Chris Chomyn ASC

SDSU Recognition: multiple graduate and undergraduate contributions
San Diego RAW Artist Award
Regional Emmy

-Films Screened at:
Sundance International Film Festival
Imperial Valley Film Festival
Santa Monica Film Festival
Los Angeles Film Festival
San Diego Film Festival

IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3153522/

-Over 9 years of On-Set experience: Camera Dept.(AC, Operator, DIT, Director of Photography), Grip& Electric Dept.(Lighting Tech, Rigger, Key)
-Meticulously detail-oriented with solid organizational skills and solution-oriented
-Ability to work independently and with a team in a dynamic, fast-paced, demand, works well under pressure
-Strong interpersonal skills
-Effective communicator and Visual Storyteller
-Film&Digital Camera Systems:
35mm Film(Panaflex Gold, Platinum, Millennium, XL, XL2)
16mm Film(MovieCam MK2, Bolex H-16, Aaton XTR, Aaton A-minima)
ARRI(Arriflex 416 PLUS, SR2, SR3, AlexaStudio, AlexaXT )
RED(OneMX, Epic, Scarlet, Dragon)
Canon(C300, C500, 5DmrKlII)
Sony(F55, F5, F7, FS700, A7s)
-Asst. Camera Skills: Mechanical Repair, Loading Mags, Pulling Focus; proficient in various wireless FIZ Systems.
-Studio Jib Operator Experience
-Steadicam Flyer LE Owner/Operator
-Proficient in various camera workflows, media-management, logging, transcoding and video ingest systems
-RGB, Histogram, and Waveform literate
-Film/Video Color Correction Software: Davinci Resolve
-Final Cut Pro Experience
-Microsoft Word
-Google Docs
-Valid drivers license & international passport

Rental Gear:
-Steadicam Flyer LE
-Camera Cart
-6' Slider Dolly
-DSLR Car Mount
-DSLR Camera Package with lenses & Support
-Portable Field Audio Recorder
-DSLR CarMount

I have been in the industry since 2005.

Added on 12/28/2013
Nathaniel Elegino: Cinematographer Resides in: Hollywood, CA Contact: natelegino@yahoo.com

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