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Billings, Montana

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The experiences that set me apart came long before I began working in the film industry. I went to school for photography, which gave me a solid foundation in visual communication, and then for creative writing, which helped me understand how story helps us connect as human beings. My experience as a professional writer and photographer shaped the way I edit video into stories people can relate to. Whether it’s a fifteen-second commercial, or a two-hour feature film, story is what makes it memorable. A memorable film is a powerful film.

I specialize in a documentary film style that is easily adapted to work in any commercial context where storytelling or branding are important. I have also worked as principal crew on several narrative films as both director of photography and sound capture / mixer.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

2016 Demo Reel
Added on 7/29/2016
2016 Life's Fast Films demo reel. Footage and editing by Eric Warren with additional footage by Jeff Hosa and Greenpeace. LifesFast@gmail.com LifesFastFilms.com facebook.com/lifesfast/ linkedin.com/in/ericwarrenfilms twitter.com/LifesFastProd instagram.com/lifesfastfilms/

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