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Payson, Utah

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I do audio. I make music, do post production sound, create sound design, be a foley artist, run ADR sessions, produce recordings, mix and edit projects, orchestrate for composers, arrange for artists, and you might find me occasionally on set doing production sound. I'm kinda like a Swiss army knife for audio. I love all things related to audio whether it be the pitch of a harmonic A on a violin or the whirling of a flicked coin as it spins through the air. And with that love comes with real passion and joy for the projects I work on. From ambitious startups to forward-thinking tech companies to inspiring organizations that want to make a change in the world, that's where I come in to help bring their products to the next level in audio quality.

But I'm not only thinking sound all the time. I'm an avid video gamer, part-time adventure seeker, and pretty decent B-roll artist. I'm a D.va Main in OW, have gotten the platinum trophy on Metal Gear Solid 5, hiked a 30 mile round trip adventure in the back country of the Uintas, basked in the aqua blue waters of Havasupai and have had my footage been used for brands such as Ray Bans, Panasonic, the 2016 Summer Olympics on NBC, and Marriott Hotels to name a few. Oh, and I've got a pretty sweet wife and a pretty cool cat.

I have been in the industry since 2016.

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