About Me

I am an industry professional. What does that mean? I am a full-time working Production Assistant. I am a graduate of Vancouver Film School and a Kenny Chaplin P.A.T.S. certified Production Assistant.

Please consider me for your next projects in either capacity and you will get my very best for your production.

Thanks for the opportunity!

I have been in the industry since 2011.


Kelsey is a top-notch Production Assistant. She tends to see the big picture of the production and anticipates needs in any position she has been asked to fulfill. She also adapts and learns quickly to processes that may be new to her. A valuable asset to any team or production.

Walter Orechwa

Kelsey is working on our production with us and she is always on time, professional and enthusiastic to help with production as our script supervisor. If you bring her onto your project, she will assuredly be an asset to your project as well.

Cicero Baldwin Productions

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