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Portland, Oregon


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Freelance Writer, Editor, and Videographer living in Portland. I am many other things as well. The sum of parts gamer, sports fan, car lover, and sci-fi nerd. But at heart, I'm a storyteller and I enjoy making movies.

My name is Brandon Baity and I have been editing for nearly 12 years now. I started off playing around with non-linear editing systems as a hobby in 2000. Back then it was in the creation of Anime Music Videos, or AMVs for short. As I started to realize that I thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing I began to take it more seriously.

I have always felt that the best film making is the kind where you don't notice all of the special effects or technical details. The Nanashi Studios moniker came out of this feeling. The word "Nanashi" is Japanese for "No Name". This single word struck a chord in me years ago and I began to see myself as an editor who wished to provide great entertainment even though my part wouldn't be noticed.

This eventually led me to go to Full Sail University and get a degree in Film and Video Production in 2004.‚Äč After Full Sail I began pursuing work as a freelance editor along with entering shorts in a couple of film festivals. I've worked on productions for Spike TV, NBC, Olelo Television, and FOX 35 just to name a few.

I have been in the industry since 2004.

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