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As an Editor/Producer/Digital Artist with 8 years in post-production, my principal ambition is to evoke a vivid emotional connection with audiences through compelling entertainment that elevates brand loyalty and client sales.
My background in film, digital art and creative writing has proven to be a valuable asset on a variety of independent productions and full-time job experiences. I have edited and provided vfx/motion graphics for films, commercials, sports media, promotional content, web videos and large screen displays at stadiums and commercial installations worldwide. My instruments include Final Cut Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, Avid, REDCineX and whatever else it takes to get the job done.

Whether through a carefully detailed revelation of images or a fast-paced action sequence, my destination is always a well told story. I have a strong background in story development and script editing, which allows me to contribute valuable insight into how a project should be shaped, rather than simply “fixing it in post.” That said, if you need something fixed after the fact, I have been known to work wonders. I am also a drummer and music lover, which translates to an obsessive sense for how beats in music and sound effects match to the picture. Another infatuation of mine is the color and tone of images. I strongly believe that color correction and matching is just as important for driving audience enjoyment as a solid edit and sound sync.

My most recent accomplishments include completing six months of post-production for my second independent feature as editor, as well as posting the recent Bret McKenzie music video for his song from MUPPETS MOST WANTED. Prior to that, I worked on two CBS shows as editor: Dr. Chris Pet Vet and Game Changers, both for Litton Entertainment’s Saturday block of E/I programming.

You can see my newest work at vimeo.com/jasonjonespost. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting you!

Jason Jones

I have been in the industry since 2004.

Jason Jones Sizzle Reel
Added on 11/12/2012
Examples of my editing and vfx/motion graphics work.

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