Vital Companies

1305 Holly Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212

About Us

The Vital Companies believe in collaboration; collaboration between us and our clients, collaboration between us and other creative companies, collaboration across the mediums of film, video, music and photography.

We know there is a story in everyone and every business that can be told across many different mediums. Those stories can change lives, communities, countries, worlds. We started the company to tell those stories, in an entertaining way, to face the issues that are behind the stories. In doing so we hope to make a difference.

We are an Emmy winning, Billboard charting company that believes in mantras, not mission statements. Over the past three years we’ve kept our business pretty simple. We don’t hire consultants to tell us how to run our business. We don’t do extensive research on market trends. What we try to do is get to know our clients. And we think we do that pretty well.

We love what we do. That’s why we started this business. We know that our passion for what we do translates into growing relationships and even friendships with our clients.

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