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Laurence Wallace has shot and edited on numerous music videos, documentaries, promotional videos and television pilots. Laurence has a keen eye for detail and composition in filming and editing. Laurence understands the importance of pacing and structure with video projects. Laurence was an associate producer with CNN for six years and worked in broadcast journalism for nine years.

Laurence's experience, creativity, expertise and equipment make him the ideal choice for clients seeking to transform their concepts and imagination into a visual reality.

Trying to Leave Now
Added on 11/14/2012
The concept for Aiden Leslie’s “Trying to Leave Now” music video was to capture aspects of both Aiden’s private life and his life as a musician and live performer. By juxtaposing shots of Aiden performing alongside shots of his daily life in NYC, a connection between the two becomes apparent and a symbiotic relationship between the two emerges.

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