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Los Angeles, California

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A good film composer must be more than just competent with music. To facilitate a director’s vision, a composer must understand all the nuances of the story being told, and then create a score that fits that narrative like a tailored suit.

Two time Emmy-nominated composer Mark Koval has a long history composing music for film and television. His feature film credits include the suspense thriller The Guest House and the cult horror favorite Love Bites. In 2014, he received an International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) nomination for his work on Warner Bros. Batman: the Animated Series. Mark has also scored several feature length documentaries including director Debra Tolchinsky's Fast Talk and the 2018 animal rescue series Furthest From the Wild.


Best Music Score 2018 Other Venice Film Festival
International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) nomination, Batman: the Animated Series
Emmy Award nomination, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
Emmy Award nomination, Bobby’s World

I have been in the industry since 1992.

Post-Apocalypse City
Added on 7/5/2018
In the year 2080, the streets of the City are empty. The hollow skyscrapers tower above, still smoldering and waiting for life to return. But who remains to tell the story of this fallen empire? See more clips here: https://vimeo.com/markkovalcomposer


Composer Credits: – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0468277/

January, 2016 — June, 2015
Other – Ashley Rose Music

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