Matteo Saradini

North Vancouver, British Columbia

About Me

I am interested in offering my services in the capacity of an Avid Assistant Editorial and Final Cut Pro editor, workflow management expert and optimization. I have 5 years of commercial experience in Avid editing and have worked with Avid systems that include: Adrenaline, Meridian and Xpress Pro. I have at least three years of experience with Final Cut Pro (including the all Final Cut Studio suite).

I have also been working extensively as a technical manager at Image Media Farm Inc in Vancouver for 3 years, learning all the knowledge required to a camera engineer

On the technical side of Avid, I have done online, offline and built entire systems from the ground up... literally. I have also experience as a camera operator so that I can be flexible if needed.

Concerning Final Cut Pro, I shot, photographed and edited on my own two feature films so I have at least three years of FCP experience.

I am also oriented towards camera experience, especially Panasonic Dvx 100 and Sony XDCam and now Red Epic and Scarlet.

My education spans liberal arts schools, trade schools, workshops and last minute on-site self-education when needed.

I was born in Italy but I am now eligible to work in Canada and US (Green Card) and most of all I speak perfect and fluent English.

If you seek a multi-talented, client centric, “go-to-guy” who is willing to work flexible hours, feel free to contact me anytime.

Sincerely yours,

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