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Milne Studio is on a mission to inspire creativity and enrich the lives of actors, filmmakers, and others artists. We guide our students toward a passion for excellence, while equipping them for professional success.

The Milne Studio teaching method is known as:
PERGE-Verb: (idiomatic) go on!, proceed!

A timeless method derived from masters, evolved into the present.

Premise, Emotions, Relationships, Goals, Environments.

When these five elements are brought together, then amplified by your own personality and experience, or experience and personality built from imaginary circumstance, your preparation takes on heightened specificity. Keywords from each element are brought together to form a powerful statement called the Go Moment which boldly propels you into the role.

We Don't Live Here Anymore
Added on 11/27/2012
This is a scene two of our students did for a scene study class. It is from the play and movie We Don't Live Here Anymore.

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