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Actress, Set Photographer, Editor, Poet, Journalist and Script writer.
BA in THEATER & Economics McDaniel College, MASTERS in Performing Arts Management American University & a Law degree from Catholic University (focus Communications & Copyright Trademark).

Trained in TV acting and Film at American U and in Casting and Marketing, including taking an art photography class. I was the Graduate Student Council Secretary from 1993 to 1995.

I also studied Entertainment and Communication and Art law as a graduate student. My thesis was on NEA vs Finley. I wrote papers on droit moral comparing our take on the rights of artists to other countries.

I was also the ABA representative of Catholic University Law School, however I spent a year working for Court TV at the Supreme Court. I'm trained more to be a journalist story teller than a practicing lawyer.

I spent a year post law school as a senior news media producer for Actors News Net run by Alvin Snyder. Our primary client was National Geographic. I talked to allot of news broadcasters in the major markets setting up news media tours, wrote PSAs and was the website master for the company. I was in charge of creating and imputing content. The site was created by an outside firm.

I did complete all the training every lawyer completes so I know more about law than your average American and passed the California Bar. Bar number 207690. I resigned in 2012 for my mental and physical well being.

Certificate from American Academy of Dramatic Arts summer program. Certificate Digital Media Santa Monica College, one class short of completing a certificate in film Production.
I want to sue the school and Salvador Carrasco and Disney and Sag Aftra and I'm trying to file hate charges against them.

Jeremy Gilbreathe molested me. It was not my fault. His cocaine addiction is no excuse for his actions. See IMDB.

I judged scripts for Script Writers network. I took a class in Script reading at UCLA. I took script writing classes at US Graduate School in DC, and in Noho, CA and skipped beginner Script Writing at SMC and took advanced instead.

I have Final Draft. I also have Adobe Master CS4. I own a Canon 20D with a Sigma zoom 58mm lens. I am trained in Photoshop, After Effects, Illunstrator, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro (beginner x), Avid, and Lightroom.

I'm a Democrat. I grew up in Maryland but I've lived in Los Angeles, California since the summer of 2002. I was a Maryland Distinguished Scholar academic and gifted in Social Studies. With what is happening in America I am tired of being asked to work on projects that go against women or my values. Please respect I have the right to my political views. Thank you.

Editing reel
Added on 2/29/2016
Reel of clips of different projects I have worked on primarily as an editing student. Includes clips or projects I did on Final Cut, Premiere, Pro, AVID, After effects, and one project on FINAL CUT PRO X, and some photo shop work. The Reel itself was cut on Premiere Pro CS4,

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