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Take life experiences and knowledge and overcome any challenge through creativeness, adaptability, attention to detail, and self-growth
Westwood College Denver, CO
• Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Animation 4.0 GPA February 2006-August 2010
Defense Information School (DINFOS) FT. George G. Meade, MD
• Digital Multimedia Course October 2014 – December 2014

• Software – Previz, Adobe Creative Cloud, AVID, Nuke, Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Z-Brush, Motion Builder, Realflow, Vue, and Unreal
• Hardware – PC/MAC, 4K, DLSR, HD Video, switchers, rigs, drones, studio design/setup, and lighting
• Services – Interviews, broadcasting, documentaries, commercials, film support with scripting, storyboard, video shoots, and production, special effects, compositing, illustration, format conversions, 3D modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, physics, fluids/particles.
Professional Experience
Frost & Sullivan San Antonio, TX
Senior Executive Audiovisual Producer July 2013 - Present
• Takes charge of collaborated Pre-Pro meetings both onsite/offsite with development of scripts based upon type of videos required and client requirements production scheduling, research, assets, shoots, prepare and coordinate time frames to ensure an overall 100 percent client satisfaction is met
• Though thorough communication; Plans, establishing alternate backup plans, and executes with team production schedules, facilitated scripts, photos, conceptualizing, drawings, storyboard, studio setups, teleprompters, lighting, audio, interviews, coordinating makeup, background themes, and green screen
• In Charge of camera operations, switchers, and audio for extended Gala and Keynote events, interviews, documentaries, Man on the Streets, News, determine/obtain B-Roll, Interactive Video White Papers, Infographics, 3D modeling/animation, composting/VFX, and various other client requested projects
• As Senior Video Producer, I am the final eyes on all videos that go out ensuring proper flow and contestant scene/theme are applied while ensuring client requirements and industry standards are met
• Extremely proficient in artistic development, design, and train media teams with PC/OSX software and techniques such as Autodesk, Zbrush, Creative Cloud, Cinema4D, Nuke, and Previz
• Mobile readiness support with audio/visual equipment inventory, upgrades, maintenance, shipment, contracts, and repairs
E-Digital Productions San Antonio, TX
Owner / CEO August 2009 - Present
• Facilities client’s requirements through pre-pro meetings, concepts, scripts, storyboards, themes, shoots, VFX, Pre/Post-Production scheduling, and cost assessments
• Coordinates and collaborates with team members schedules, scripts, storyboard, offsite/onsite shoots, lighting, and production requirements
• Works directly with clients with thorough reviews of final editing/approval projects to ensure proper sound/musical scoring applied, color/lighting, transitions, proper footage, lower-thirds placement/spelling, multiple codec formats, and branding requirements

U.S. Air Force – F.E. Warren, AFB Cheyenne, WY
Videographer – GS-1071-09 April 2011 - Jan 2016
• Enforced Department of Defense’s (DOD) OPSEC, Audio/Visual Monthly Production Database/Log (AIMS) systems, and Public Affair’s AFI
• As the base’s video expert; coordinated, researched, facilitated scripts, storyboards, rehearsal, onsite/offsite shoot setups, interviews, lighting, determine/obtain B-Roll, musical scoring, sound effects, production, to meet mission goals within DOD compliance thus resulting with increased social media support and mission effectiveness
• Single handling provided Emergency Mobile Field Support and coordination using cameras, boom/lob microphones, Steadicams/Vests, Jimmy Jib, dolly wheels, drones, and portable lighting kits
• Utilized PC’s/OSX’s software packages including Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid, and Autodesk
• Operated systems and equipment to facilitate training aids, illustrations, historical archives, video production with documentaries, live streaming, storage, training, ceremonies, interviews, news broadcasting, DVD/Blu-Ray, conversion/video duplication, Camera Ready CYMK conversion, codecs, DVIDS, ARMDEC, and Social Media Support
• Supervised and managed Public Affair’s visual inventory, upgrade requirements, replacement, repairs, and deployment readiness within DOD requirements handling procedures
Affinity Films New London, Connecticut
VFX Producer April 2012 - February 2013
• Developed/managed production pipeline with onsite/offsite directing of camera angles and lighting
• Utilized Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, Renderman, Nuke, and Previz to determine theme, set placement, CG effects, and compositing
• Exhumed strong business acumen; maintained professional contacts within the film industry nationwide

Black Skull Studios, Inc. Austin, TX
3D Modeler and Game Designer February 2010 - April 2011
• Collaborated team conceptual designs, sketches, storyboards, modeling, rigging for game development of characters, basic assets, and environmental usages

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