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Blaise Media is a video marketing project studio located in Sacramento, California. We partner with our clients to discover content, design a meaningful approach, visualize a message, and craft a video experience that will impact a target audience.

Every organization has a story to tell. As filmmakers, we fuse technology with the art of storytelling to create video that is strong enough to move your audience into action. Since 1976, we have served leading companies and organizations both regionally and around the world.

The process starts with questions. What are the visual opportunities? Why will the audience care? What visual resources can effectively drive content? The answers create a message that will help make our client's mission successful.

Check out our work: www.blaisemedia.com

We have been in the industry since 1976.

Blaise Media 2012 Demo Reel
Added on 12/10/2012
A quick tour of our recent work.

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