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Our new LED lights are truly revolutionary. It was developed with Luminator® series which consists of two lights, the Luminator® RGBAW and the Luminator® White light. The Luminator® RGBAW can change to any color temperature between 3000K and 7000K, and can change to any shade in the color spectrum. It features special effects such as fire, police lights, fire truck, lightning and more. It has built-in color correction and uses only 3.8 amps, allowing you to operate up to five at a time off of the same wall outlet. The Luminator® White Light is so powerful that it is almost 2000Fc candles at 10 feet, all while using the same 3.8 amps. What you get is maximum lighting power using minimum energy consumption. The options are endless with this one of kind workhorse fixture which is sure to make the job of any Gaffer or LD much easier than life before the Luminator®.

The new LED light will be of special and outstanding value in reducing production cost without any concession in quality. There is no other light like it in the market today.

The A-list gaffers and lighting technician using our lights have nothing but positive feedback about the Luminator. During these times of cost cuts and budgeting the studios and producers are behind our fixture for the cost saving of power, air conditioning, no big generators to run the lights, the saving is endless. This technology taking us to a newer, higher level.

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