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Note: Please email me at: tatajemusic@sbcglobal.net because there is a chance that i may not see your message through Production Hub.

Dear Filmmaker,
I'm a sound man with the experience of hundreds shoots responding for your
shoot. I have all my own gear and you will hear everything recorded cleanly and clearly!
I use the Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic which is the industry standard and go to
boom mic.
I use the Zoom F8 (8-channel recorder), the Zooms H-5 and H-6 digital recorders
(sometimes together at once!)
So you will get a 24bit recording (the industry standard). I also have a set of the new
Rode lavs, a pair of Ambient Nano Lockit’s for up to 2 cameras that support timecode,
and an Ambient Lockit Timecode LockItSlate.
I also come with a pair of Beyerdynamic noise-canceling headphones for superior
sound detail so you
and I can listen and hear what’s being recorded and constantly monitor the sound for
tone and
volume and the best possible signal to noise ratio. I can often give you a separate
scratch track so you
can listen in!
My rig is very compact but very effective as many of my repeat clients can attest to.
The rig is completely wireless!
In addition to the above gear listed I am willing to rent anything you
may also want to use to make the most of our time and effort! I will research the price
of any
additional gear and we can discuss the pros and cons of it’s value and decide whether
to use it or not!
After the shoot, I can also enhance the recorded audio via my Pro Tools studio and
Izotope RX
software. I can also transfer the raw audio onto your hard drive or any other digital
media desirable. A
unique audio file gets created for each take and I record it in a way that maximizes the
headroom so
you have some room to play with in post production without
distortion. In either case, you get a clean, crisp, digital audio recording!
I can record “wild lines” wherever possible for the best takes, as well as various foley
effects to
enhance the sound of a scene. I can also record voiceovers and ADR re-recordings, and
any other
special events that require audio production.
I am a problem solver for a wide variety of sound issues on set and I always champion
the Director and
defer to his judgment! That said if I see an audio problem I will let you know as soon as
possible so
we can make the necessary adjustments.
I’m easy going and I know how to make the actors feel comfortable but I always keep it
on a
professional level so that I can get the audio recording needed for the scene.
I've been working in Production Audio since 2000 but I have also mixed live events of all
kinds since
Most recently was this week at Pepperdine University, where I recorded Olivia Newton-
John, Amy Sky, And Beth Nielsen-Chapman's concert!
My love of audio recording comes from my studio engineering sessions where among
many things I
learned a lot about mics, their uses and how to maximize their potential. I use my
equipment based
on my own experience over many shoots and I can react to anomalies in the filming
process or any
audio problems, on the fly, with little or no down time!
I am highly tech savvy, and and can be versatile whether it’s recording a key note
speech, a virtual 360
shoot, a classroom recording or a live performance recording, I cross over between
music and film
very regularly.
Recording dialog for film is no easy walk in the park for someone without experience! I
am not only
very experienced but I’m extremely reliable in every way and I strive for perfection.
Please give me a call (818) 203-8062 George Tataje
Below are my credits, a link to my IMDB page and links to some videos that I've worked
(www.imdb.com at least 90 entries to
and shoots not yet listed on IMDB below:
“Project 214”, "Blind Chance", "Nature's Gift: The Beach" (pre IMDB),
"The Invisible Lover", “Blood of My Blood”, “Test
One”. “Where's the Money”, “Lowlifes”. “Hollywood Hitmen”
“One Roof”, “Improv”, “Detectives of Easter Island”, “Stood
the Test of Time”, “Guy Theory”, “Eliza”, “Dog & Pony Part 4&5”.
“All the Winters of the World”, “Cuffing Season”, “Froggy Ass”, ”Lethal Calling”, and
“Gardening with Skippy” and a Short Film for comedian David So called “Iota Girl”.
Here's an Ice bucket challenge parody that was also completed in September of 2014:
"Come Simi", starring Jenica Bergere, Susan Rutan, Tawny Kitean, and Molly Shannon
can be seen on
“Every 15 Minutes”, a PSA about teenage drunk driving.
“Labcoats: Live After The Zombie Apocalypse”, which featured Haley Joel Osment and
“I'll Text You” that featured Victor Williams and Wendy Raquel Robinson.
“Jukebox Live” a live broadcast of a talk show for Playboy TV.
“The Good Neighbor” (featuring James Caan on Amazon)
“Hope You Have A Nice Flight” (featuring Domonique Swain)
“The Raking” and “Mrs Fitzgerald is Missing”
For Funny or Die: “Life-is-Terrible”:
“Bishop” Completed in 2014: www.youtube.com
“Never Too Old” www.youtube.com
“I Am...You” www.youtube.com
“Bite Sized: Episode 2: Clam Bake” (Here's something that I did where I hit all NINE
actors with
just that one boom mic!) www.bitesizedseries.com
Here's a shoot that I worked on for the 48Hr. Disability Film Challenge called
“[in]visible” www.youtube.com
“Sharlies Angels” was completed only a few months ago:
“Batman: Arkham Knight”, completed in 2014: www.youtube.com
“Batman: Anarchy” was completed last July: www.youtube.com
“Here’s a couple that I did featuring Dave Bautista for The Hashtagged Show” done last

my gear

I have been in the industry since 2000.

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